IA Institute Volunteer Wiki

Welcome to the IA Institute Volunteer Wiki. The site is still being developed, so it may look a bit spare at the moment. When we finalize the new member database, we will connect it to your profile so it will have more detail. For now, you can look at project documentation, review resources, add pages, make suggestions, etc. To participate, please send an email to volunteer[at]iainstitute.org. We regret that we cannot accept new login requests via the wiki at this time. If you have not contact us at the volunteer email, we will delete your login requests.

If you are new to wikis, take a look at the Creole Syntax for formatting guidelines. Play with page building in the SandBox. Then take a look around and jump in where you find your interest.

Projects - What are we working on?

Resources - What kind of support is available?

People - Who can help?

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