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The Community of Practice initiative is an open-ended project seeking to define our relationship among IA professionals and how our community connects to other organizaitons. There is no initiative lead and no directed activity. Just a space to explore the idea of CoP and the kinds of work we can do to enrich the discipline and grow as a community.

Feel free to add ideas, hopes, needs, dreams under one of the topic headings below.

Relationship with other associations

  • User Experience: IA Institute has strong ties with several groups under the UX umbrella, including shared resources and cross promotion of events.
    • IxDA
    • UPA
    • UX Book Club
    • UX Show and Tell
    • Numerous IA Meetups and unaffiliated networking groups
  • Library Science
    • ASIST/IA Summit: A persistent misconception that the IA Institute puts together the Summit instead of ASIST (this is a known issue, but always more evident while the summit is happening). Andrew Hinton noted that IA summit feels like a community conference, because, in part, it has a call for papers and presentations. The conference (IA Summit) is one ingredient in the soup of community and practice, and so the relationship between IA summit and IA institute is important/relevant – it’s up to us to decide what it needs to be and work to make it happen.
    • Association of Research Libraries: Recommended by Bev Corwin who I sees this as a way to develop a relationship with a digital library association who can participate in the development of a body of knowledge repository that will help the IAI’s libraries goals both short and long term.
  • Enterprise Information Architecture
  • Academia
    • Journal of IA
    • Kent State
    • Copenhagen Business School
  • Translation
    • Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, and
    • American Translation Association: Quite a few of language technology people who would be great candidates for IAI. And when we build our IAI Digital Research Library, we can work together to design an internationalized system that would support localized language support.

Thoughts for bridging these institutions?


IA Institute Discussion Lists


Hobbs, Fenn, Resmini, Maturing a Practice, Journal of IA, Issue 1, Vol. 2, Spring 2010.

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