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The IA Institute is working to establish a standard glossary of information architecture terms. The glossary is intended to foster a shared vocabulary within the discipline and should work in concert with the development of the IA Taxonomy.

In 2005, Bob Doyle and Amy Silvers (and others?) worked to develop a glossary extending Kat Hagedorn's work at Argus in 2002. Since then additional terms have become in use. We are reviewing these terms to further extend our vocabulary.


  • Create an updated IA glossary, used to describe concepts and practices of Information Architecture and related disciplines and serve as a basis for discussion of the business practice of IA.


  • Glossary Review Proposal - proposal needs to be written
  • Essentially, review the 2005 IA Glossary for relevance and completeness.





  • Glossary Workspace - This is where the current work/discussion is taking place.
  • Link to any deliverables and documentation. (None found for previous iterations of the IA Glossary).


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