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The IA Library is a browsable and searchable collection of resources on information architecture.

The Information Architecture Library is a public service of the Information Architecture Institute. The Library is intended to provide access to an international collection of the best articles, books, blogs, guides, reports, and other resources related to the field of information architecture.

The IA Library is a community-built and -maintained repository for IA (and UX) resources. At its core, the IA Library is a giant set of annotated links to resources with tools for submitting, retrieving, rating, and filtering content.

The IA Library benefits the information architecture community by:

  • Archiving information and making it easily accessible in the future
  • Central place to store and access information
  • Simplify discovery and access
  • Establishing a place were the community gathers, discusses, and enriches itself

Launched in April 2004, the IA Library is still under development. We are actively adding new resources, particularly in languages other than English, to create a more well-rounded collection. If you know of a resource we should include, please send us your suggestion.


Andrea Resmini
Noreen Whysel
Nicola De Franceschi (Database)
Janette Shew (Translations)
Jamila Vaughan (IA Tools)

Past initiative leaders include Jeff Tang, Chiara Fox and Bev Corwin. The original resource site was created by Jeff Tang and Joanna Markel while students at the University of Michigan.


Andrea Resmini spent much of 2009 and 2010 addressing some of the redundant coding and security issues in the IA Library system, with the help of mentoring program protégé, Nicola De Franceschi. Volunteer Bev Corwin has also been evaluating future directions of these resources and began compiling a list of functional requirements, as well as recommendations on partner institutions, whose members may be able to provide recommendations on further development of our library system.

To date, we have incorporated the featured IA Tools into the library and developed some ideas around improving the way the library catalogs and delivers translated resources. A number of different ideas and development paths were also considered for an implementation of the library in line with the Institute's own long-standing position as an authoritative institution in the field of IA, but no final agreement on a restricted set of features has been reached, in accordance with the necessity to consider the possibility of moving the whole technological infrastructure from in-house code to externally developed, free or open source platforms like Drupal.

To supplement our library efforts, Andrea Resmini continues to manage the Information Architecture group on anobii.com where IAs can share and discuss books covering topics in information architecture. Join theanobii.com group at http://www.anobii.com/groups/01999c697821d3822b/.

We are also looking into a way to update resources and allow members broader access to adding, updating and rating resources. These are features of the original design that were intended to be included from the beginning. Getting members access to these features will hinge on the Member Directory aMember/Drupal migration, which Nicola is also spearheading.

Current Requirements

Volunteers are needed to review resources and update any broken links. If there are any newer editions of posted resources these should also be updated. Some discussion on the members discussion list indicated a need to make adding resources a more seamless and inclusive process. If you would like to look into how to do this with the current system, contact volunteer@iainstitute.org.

Basecamp Site



This is the original Project Scope document from 2004. It may require login.


IA Library Public Site: http://iainstitute.org/library/

Login required:
IA Library CMS: http://iainstitute.org/library/cms/
IA Library Documentation: http://iainstitute.org/library/cms/docs.php

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