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Welcome to IA Stories! In this contest, and in celebration of the first-ever World IA Day (February 11, 2012), we invited you to tell a story about how you learned about information architecture. Or, show us how IA changed your life. Or, you can tell a tall tale that has a totally tenuous connection to IA, as long as you make us laugh or cry. And, since this year's event occurs in 14 cities worldwide to celebrate 14 years since publication of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, writing a polar bear into your story can only help.

To see the contest entries, visit our Flickr group page:


We are very pleased to announce the winners of our IA Stories contest.

The LOLOL Award

The person who most induces "lots of laughing out loud" wins The Rosenfeld Media Library (complete set of all 8 books in paper and digital formats). This award is sponsored by Rosenfeld Media.

The winner of The LOLOL Award is Good Donut Bad Donut.

The Tearjerker Award

The person who makes us cry the most (or at least feel a twinge of 1990s nostalgia) wins $250. This award is co-sponsored by Semantic Studios and the Good Olde Days.

The winner of The Tearjerker Award is Polar Bear SardinIA Edition.

The Miscellaneous Award

This award of $250 is sponsored by the IA Institute. Only contest entrants are eligible for this drawing. The winner may (or may not) apply their winnings towards eradication of the miscellaneous category.

We used a true randomness machine for this drawing. So, of course, the winner of The Miscellaneous Award is Samantha Bailey and her Coffee Cup.

Thanks to our sponsors and to all who played our game!

We wish you a wonderful World IA Day!

We created this wiki page to continue this exploration. Please enter links to articles and sites that you feel most effectively explain Information Architecture. We will use these resources to build a series of documents that members can use to Explain IA to their co-workers, clients and business partners, whether or not they are practitioners.

Explain IA Links

When considering resources to post on this page, please enter links to resources that answer "What is IA?" or that present broad level information to help non-practitioners understand IA. (i.e., your favorite resource on card sorting or Pervasive UX would be inappropriate)

Classic Resources

IA Stories
UX Storytellers

Newer Resources

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