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The Information Architecture Institute's Tools project aims to disseminate new IA tools from the community in order to learn from each other. Below you will find document templates, process map posters and other tools to help you in your practice. The documents have been donated by the community, by people just like you.

If you have templates and documents that you would like to share with the information architecture community, contact us.


Jamila Vaughan - Completed IA Tools site audit for inclusion in IA Library

Original Team: Erin Malone Mihai Cristian Bocai Gene Smith


Jamilla Vaughan has recently reviewed the IA Library to make sure that all tools listed in the IA Tools blog are entered. Noreen Whysel was working on data entry and could use help.

Basecamp Site

IA Resources: https://ia-institute.basecamphq.com/projects/1264160/log




IA Tools: http://iainstitute.org/tools/


  • New Tool Ideas
    • Peter Morville: One thing I'd love to see AIfIA do under the Tools initiative umbrella is collect some good conference presentations (e.g., PowerPoint?, PDF) and visuals that help to explain/define IA.
      IAI says: We do this in the IA Library with the Introductory tag, but it isn't featured in an orderly way.
    • Lou Rosenfeld: I'd like to see the area organized by lifecycle, starting with education, then sales, then initial research, etc.
      IAI says: Can we get a volunteer to do this? Maybe look through a few of the canonical textbooks and pull out generic examples of tools for each part of the project lifecycle.
    • Victor Lombardi: We need to cover the basics for practicing IAs, like wireframe templates, functional specifications, etc. This doesn't seem to exist anywhere.
      IAI says: We have a recent request from members for this type of basic training resources, including 101 level webinars, videos, etc.
  • IA job description (or maybe that's part of the job board) IAI says: This has also come up frequently. We've had stop and go progress, but with the 2010 salary survey about to be released it is good time for volunteers to step up and analyze this.
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