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This page describes tasks often helpful when proposing a new initiative and setting up a newly-approved initiative.

To find out who serves in the positions listed below, refer to the People page on When in doubt, ask for help. The Board of Directors and people in the positions below are here to help you.

For Initiative Leaders

  • To propose an initiative, fill out the Initiative Proposal (.DOC 66.5Kb) and submit to the IA Institute Board of Directors. The BoD will review your proposal within two weeks and contact you with their decision.
  • Develop position descriptions for needed volunteers and submit to the Volunteer Coordinator for review and sourcing (if needed).
  • Decide on:
    • Person who will act as the initiative lead
    • Initiative co-Lead(s)
    • Board member contact (one board member will act as your main project Sponsor/Advisor to help Get Things Done)
  • Direct public relations-related needs to the Marketing/Communications Director. PR needs may include volunteer recruitment, request for partners and/or funding, launch and progress announcements.
  • Create a wiki page for your initiative and add it to the [Initiative List]. This include an outline of the initiative (information from your proposal), team members, key milestone dates, status report, and any outstanding needs. View a [Sample Intiative] page for ideas.
  • Direct technical requests (server access, tech standards, etc.) to the Operations Manager. Typical needs include:
    • A Movable Type weblog space and IDs
    • A Basecamp project to faciliate communication among initiative volunteers
    • A web page or web site on - We have a Web Operations team that can assist with interface design, html, forms, testing, etc. They are responsible for all the non-initiative pages on, too.

For Board Sponsors Helping Initiative Leaders

Email them:

Here's an example email:

Hi Jason and Jin,

Thanks again for leading the local groups initiative!

We have a wiki that holds our project information. The first page you'll want to refer to is a list for setting up new procedures:

If you want to save changes to the wiki you'll need the sign in:

name=username password=password

The wiki works well for some people, and some don't like it, and that's OK. If you find it difficult to use, just make sure you're staying in touch with your Sponsor about project progress.

Key Contacts

Operations Manager

Volunteer Coordinator

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