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The Member Database contains information about members of the IA Institute, including contact details, registration status and other information relative to listserv membership, event attendance and volunteer positions. The current system is hosted by MemberClicks.


MemberClicks has proven to be quite limited relative to the level of member interaction we would prefer to have. Members should be able to connect directly to member services, such as email lists, mentoring and volunteer opportunities, via a single login. The system should also integrate with our payment processes and other internal member management systems. We are migrating to a new system developed on a program called aMember, which will allow greater integration of our services.


Lead: Tim Bruns, Membership Coordinator Developer: Nicola de Franceschi Advisor: Christian Crumlish


Project Switchboard, launched in 2009, is our "Infrastructure Mending Project" with a goal to move our member system from the current, inefficient MemberClicks system to aMember. As noted in the 2009 annual report, aMember was selected as the best alternative, because it will allow for short-term improvements in member services and better control of those services, while also being compatible with our PayPal transaction processing system and any possible future migration of website infrastructure to Drupal 6. The Institute purchased a lifetime license to aMember in early 2010. Volunteer, Nicola de Franceschi, and Membership coordinator, Tim Bruns, worked together to implement the new membership system. As of year-end 2010, Nicola has:

  • successfully tested import of MemberClicks data into aMember
  • successfully tested access to protected (members-only) areas in the web site
  • successfully tested payments and renewals with Paypal

Once these tests are finalized, the system can be moved into the live site and integrated with the mailing lists on Mailman and other processes. This latter step is expected to be handled by aMember staff for a nominal fee. Full implementation and transfer of our membership system from MemberClicks to aMember is expected to take place by Spring 2011.


MemberClicks website (Member Center)

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