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The IAI would like to create a skills inventory, something to help hiring managers and IAs set appropriate expectations.


Leader: Jay Morgan


This is an initiative that Christian Crumlish championed at the board level in 2008. Jay did some initial research which is available in Basecamp, but the project got a bit mired in DTDT. Still this is perennially an issue that comes up any time we see a new salary survey release or any list discussion regarding job descriptions. It came up most recently in Leisa Reichelt's UK Freelancers rate survey (Dec 2010) and the 2010 Salary Survey.

Current Requirements

We would like one or two volunteers to help inventory the Job Board to identify the most common skills required for various levels.

We would like one or two additional volunteers to review the current and past Salary Survey and Competencies Survey to identify patterns and changes over time in job requirements.

To volunteer, please contact

Basecamp Site

Skills Inventory:
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Skills Initiative Proposal v.1


Suggested Skill Levels


We have a number of source materials, including a now somewhat ancient survey by jjg, the task details we ask people for in our salary survey, the services people request on our job board, and so on.

Job Board:
Salary Survey:
Karen McGrane’s Matrix:
2004 Compentency Survey:
UK Freelancers Rate Review:

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