Skills Inventory Initiative Proposal v.1

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Perhaps filling in some of these items will help with the direction of this project.

Initiative Title: IA Skills Matrix
Initiative Leader: Any takers?

Initiative Overview: Create a skills matrix of typical competencies for various levels of Information Architect positions.

Initiative Goals

  • Present a summary list of skills that an Information Architect should be able to perform competently at various experience levels.
  • Present a template for hiring managers and recruiters
  • Any others?

Functional Requirements

  • ?

Technical Requirements

  • Basecamp project area for communication, file sharing and project management
  • Surveymonkey survey
  • ?

Outline of Initiative Phases, Timelines & Milestone Targets

  • Form team
  • Review existing skills matrices
  • Review job board and other resources
  • Survey IA Institute members
  • Deliverables?

Why is this initiative needed?

  • Current job descriptions should be representative of core IA practices. They vary widely, and often confuse disciplines such as IA, Information Design, Interaction Design, User Experience, Usability, etc.
  • A core skill set would allow the IA Institute to focus its resources on helping members attain these skills.
  • Economic factors today are such that many members of the Institute are seeking employment, transitioning, reorganizing practices, etc.
  • What else?

Why should the IA Institute sponsor it?

  • Allows the Institute to show leadership.
  • ?

What is your approach for this initiative?

  • ?

What are the activities required to make this initiative successful?

  • Reprise competency survey
  • ??

What technology resources will be required?

  • Basecamp
  • Surveymonkey
  • ??

What volunteer resources will be required? How many? skills?

  • UX-Management list participants

Who will help to review the progress of the initiative?

  • Andrew Hinton and Christian Crumlish of the IA Board of Directors have offered to oversee the progress of the initiative. A volunteer will be engaged to lead the project.
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