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Contact for access to the following platforms. For initiative projects, you will need to prepare a business case to be approved by the Project Management staff. This is easier than it sounds. Just give us a good, clear reason for using the product, and a plan for continued maintenance, if required.

Dreamhost: Websites and mysql databases
Facebook: social networking, communication
GetSatisfaction: web user feedback
LinkedIn: social networking, communication
MailChimp: email campaign software
MailMan: email discussion lists
MovableType: Website CMS
SurveyMonkey: survey software
Twitter: social networking, communication
WordPress: Website CMS

Sample business case:

Which technology resource are you requesting?
What initiative is this for?
Why do you need access to the platform?
Do you need a login/password?
Who on your team will have access?
What is your ongoing maintenance plan, if relevant?

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